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It all started with a girl & a horse

Cathy Wasylyk has been a longtime horse lover since as long as she can remember. Her obsession with horses quickly grew into an obsession with Arabian horses.


Cathy was just 10 years old when her dad caved and bought her her first horse. "I was relentless, and my dad just couldn't say no anymore.", shares Cathy. Not only did he find a mare for his little girl. He found a foal! "I think he thought he was really going to go all out on this surprise. And seeings we didn't have much money at the time, my penny pinching dad thought he got some extra bang for his buck!". Cathy's mare and foal lived with them in their small village of Somme. That's right, horse crazy Cathy raised her first horses in a town on a separate lot.

Eventually, Cathy made her way to Saskatoon, SK to work, and yes, pursue her love for horses. While in Saskatoon she bought two geldings from Lynn Campbell, one being an impressive son of the fabulous Fadjur. As Cathy boarded her horses with Lynn, she was officially a goner with the Arabian breed.

Arabians have been a part of Cathy's life since 1983 - and there has been no looking back.

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One little girl's love for horses has grown into a family fixation with the Arabian breed. In 1995, Cathy & Bob Wasylyk purchased their first mare from Ed & Laura Friesen of Wunderbar Arabians, Burgandy Lace (Burgandy Parke x Bay Leora (a GG Jabask daughter)). Burgandy Lace, or "Lacey", was an outstanding producer and is the matriarchal foundation of WV's breeding program. 

Bob was quickly hooked when he got to foal out WV's very first offspring. This first foal of WV Arabians, Magnificent Lace (Executive Class x Burgundy Lace) went on to win multiple regional and national titles. Bob was officially in!

As Bob began to grow more and more found of their horses, his obsession with pedigree soon took other. The combination of Bob's pedigree knowledge and Cathy's intuitive nature has led to have more offspring that they're incredibly proud of.

Cathy and Bob's daughter, Morgan, has always had a behind the scenes interest in the horses. She loved foaling, riding in the fields and hanging out in the stalls while she grew up on the farm. After getting her degree, pursuing her career and starting a family, Morgan is now re-involved with WV Arabians and beginning to show alongside her parents.

Since their first foal in 1998, Willow View Arabian's offspring has competed and gained titles at Regionals, Scottsdale, Canadian Nationals and U.S. Nationals. 

It has been an honour for them to compete at these levels and to be considered an internationally successful breeding program. They are so proud of their horses and enjoy so much that the Arabian industry has to offer. 

The Wasylyk's are honoured to raise, love, enjoy and share this incredible breed of horse.

"The Arabian horse is one who gallops with is lungs, perseveres with his heart, and wins with his character."



Here at WV Arabians we put our heart and soul into our herd. These horses aren't just pets or a hobby, they're family. 

Our horses best interest are always at the forefront of our choices. Right down to their environment, nutrition, physical care, and potential buyers - everything has to be considered for our horse's best individual interest.

"A good horse will change your life. The truly special ones define it."

Photo of Cathy Wasylyk & WV Povaliah (*Pogrom x WV Rumour). Photo by Amanda Ubell Photography

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